Redeemed Mental Health

an african american man together with a psychiatrist during psychotherapy
a team member and a female client during a psychotherapy

Our Team

At Redeemed Mental Health, our mission is to cultivate a sanctuary of healing, fostering an atmosphere of safety and care. We invite individuals to delve into the depths of their emotions, confront their fears, and embark on a transformative path of self-discovery. Rest assured, we are dedicated to standing by your side throughout this profound journey.

Meet Our Experts

Your Partners in Mental Health Wellness

Dr Andrea Wagner

Dr. Andrea Wagner

Owner / Chief Clinician & Psychologist

Doctor Stefani LaFrenierre Medical Director

Dr. Stefani LaFrenierre

Medical Director

Kaylee Crafton

Kaylee Crafton, ASW

Program Coordinator

Christine Cox

Christine Cox, AMFT

Group & Individual Therapist

Casey O Brian AMFT

Casey O'Brian, AMFT

Group & Individual Therapist


Sophia Deahl, MS, RD

Registered Dietician

Chad Pinel, CADC ll

Chad Pinel, CADC ll

Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor


William Nephew, B.A.

Music Counselor

Aster Robarge Group Facilitator

Aster Robarge

Group Facilitator

Vaughn Lawson

Vaughn Lawson

Facilities Manager

Donna Brandt Equine Instructor

Donna Brandt

Equine Instructor


Matthew Song, B.A.

Nutrition and Conditioning Coach

Dr. Andrea Wagner is a true mental health expert who has profoundly impacted my life. Her expertise, compassion, and genuine care have helped me navigate through challenging times. I am grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her to anyone seeking support on their mental health journey in Orange County.
Jane Cooper